Shopping Policies

  • We reserve the right to check all bags and purses before exiting any of our sales.
  • We do not provide public restrooms. We are not OSHA/ADA approved and it is against Kansas Law for us to offer or allow you to use them.
  • Please be careful – we are not responsible for accidents which take place at our sales or on the properties on which we hold our sales.
  • Refunds are conditional, please review our Refund Policy here.
  • Moving large items – Green Frog staff is not responsible for helping you remove any large items from our sales. You must arrange your own pickup crew if you can’t remove the items yourself.

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

If you can’t carry an item with you to the register, grab the price tag and hold onto it until you check out. You’re welcome to take the items same-day, or return anytime before the final hour of the last day to pick it up – just be sure to leave your information at the checkout. We try to make courtesy calls if we see you didn’t come back for your items within the time frame you shared at the time of purchase.

Why take the tag off?

If you leave it on there, someone else may grab it and purchase it in the meantime. If you don’t have the sticker with you, we can’t verify it’s still available, so you must have the price tag with you. Once you purchase the item, we’ll mark it as sold.

Please note: You are responsible for removing items from the sale on your own. Do not depend on staff helping you.

Every sale has a series of hold shelves near the checkout lanes so you can leave your items, particularly the regular-sized and heavier items, while you continue shopping the estate sale.

For smaller items, like jewelry, tiny collectibles, breakables (discluding dishware), we typically have room to store them for you behind our cash register. For these items, we’ll ask for your name to mark them so we can be sure no one else walks out the door with your favorite items.

Please note: The hold shelves are provided only for those items which you fully intend to purchase. Minds change, of course, and we know that! The joy of estate sale shopping is the adventure and adrenaline rush finding something no one else has. However, please only “hold” those items you actually want to spend money on – out of respect for the other shoppers.

Hold shelves will be marked with yellow signs reading “Stop! These items aren’t for sale.”

Well today’s your lucky day! We send out coupons here and there to our most dedicated shoppers like you. The only way to get them is to sign up for our email newsletter, but it’s super easy. Just share your email and you’re in! Or Contact Us.


Every coupon we send is non-transferrable, expirable, and for one-time use only. To use the coupon, we’ll need you to share with us your first and last name and email both electronically and in person, out loud, when redeeming. Coupons, unless specified upon distribution, are only valid on full-price days, typically the first day of each sale.

FYI: Most coupons we send are only redeemable on full-price days. Please see individual coupon details.

It’s all donated primarily to City Union. We do not have a storefront or sell items online.

You can read our full refund policy here.

We accept basically everything but check. This includes:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Samsung Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Paypal Payments (longer wait times)
  • Cash

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept checks or any forms of cryptocurrency.

Part of our promise to you is absolute transparency and honest business practices. That includes a strict policy of not making deals and absolutely no pre-selling of items. Doing those things wouldn’t be fair to other shoppers or our clients, period.

Missing at 8am on Day One

In rare occurrences, sometimes the client extensively requests to purchase an item they forgot was on the sale property before we start the sale. If we feel the item they desire is not noteworthy (at our discretion), we may sell it back to them at full-price. This is not a common practice for antiques, furniture, collectibles, or jewelry of high value. We’ll also promptly remove the picture from any listings.

Missing after 8am on Day One

Because of the nature of selling secondhand items (i.e., not being able to manage a robust inventory system), it’s impossible for us to know when most items were sold. If there’s an item you’re on an adventure to find, we’re always happy to confirm with you to the best of our ability if an item has been:

  • sold
  • relocated as part of our commitment to provide an immersive shopping experience

We’re committed to providing you the best shopping experience.

We take your concerns, suggestions, compliments, and notice of suspicious activity very seriously. We want to hear about your experience with us at our sales. Please email Or Contact Us.

You may! Please note we reserve the right to check any and all bags that come into our sale at the time you leave.

Unfortunately, no. We are not OSHA/ADA approved and it is therefore illegal for us to let you use any restrooms at our sales.

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