Return Policy

The very nature of estate sales is that you are purchasing items on the second-hand market. While we do our best to make sure everything we sell is in working order, we passionately encourage you to inspect all items before you purchase them because, in general, we do not provide returns. We advise before purchasing anything from us you do the following:

  • Open boxes and look for missing pieces
  • Plug in electronics and try them out
  • Research the item for all necessary parts
  • Ask questions if you’re unsure

We’re here to help, and we don’t like turning away anybody who asks for a refund, however:

Because most items will usually show some sort of wear-and-tear, and because we have a contractual obligation every week to pay our clients, we don’t offer refunds.

The one exception to this is when an electronic doesn’t work and you bring it back, but please read the full refund policy for limitations and rules.

If you’re looking for answers to other commonly asked questions, click here.


General Provisions & “as-is” Items
The Return Policy does not apply to any items marked “as is,” typically written on a piece of green tape along with the price. Any item purchased “as-is” will also be marked on your digital receipt at the time of purchase.

We also do not provide returns for items which show any form of wear or damage. The very nature of shopping estate sales is to purchase used items, so before purchasing we encourage you to inspect all items thoroughly, because no returns are guaranteed. Returns will only be authorized by a Sale Manager, which is not always present at a sale, but may be contacted by a cashier to arrive and handle your unique return request.

Proof of Purchase
We require every return to have proof of purchase, and we offer digital receipts for every transaction we process: via text or email. If you are unable to provide a receipt for an item you purchased, we will not be able to process your return, no exceptions.

Return Window
We are only able to process returns at the sale from which you originally purchased your item, no exceptions. We do not process returns via email, phone, or at our offices. No returns will be processed after the official close time of the final day of any sale (typically 2pm CST on a Saturday).

Why don’t you accept all returns?
We are contractually obligated to our clients to provide their sale proceeds within a certain time period. We also aren’t able to accept returns on items at another sale as the money exchange would be between different clients (different homes).

Typical Non-Refundable Items
We typically will not provide returns on any items other than electronics. We strongly encourage you to carefully examine the items you intend to purchase before purchasing them at the register. The nature of shopping the secondhand market is that some items may have stains, show wear and tear, have damage, and exhibit other signs that diminish its original retail value. For this reason, you assume the risk of purchasing a damaged product at the time of purchase.

There are no exceptions to this return policy. Please be sure to fully inspect the items your purchase before you purchase them.

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