Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost concern to us. We don’t require login for anyone visiting our site, other than clients. If you’re a client, you can skip down to the section talking about your information and how we handle that. For everyone visiting the website when not logged in, this is what you should know.

Green Frog Estate Sales conducting its business from 16114 w 124th terrace, Olathe Kansas 66062 doesn’t gather information about you personally when you browse our website, but we do use some analytics tools (like Google Analytics and Adwords) to serve you relevant ads and to understand how you use our website so that we may make it better as time goes on. Little bits of information, like your IP address, may be gathered by those services, and other information bits (like how long you’re on a website or every time you visit us) is stored on your browser and are referred to as cookies. The cookies are completely harmless, but they help us to understand where and when people are on our website so we can make our services better and easier to use as time goes on.

While these services track your “session data,” they don’t collect personally identifiable information about you, so don’t worry – it can’t hurt you. This is a common practice to use apps like this across many websites all over the world.

To make your experience faster and more enjoyable, we use a bit of technology that communicates with your browser to store basic information about our site on your browser – they’re called a cache, and most websites use them. It doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information about you, and you can delete it at any time by visiting the settings on your browser and deleting your cache, usually next to your cookies and browsing history.

Emails and Personally Identifiable Information
We do gather emails and names but only when people (like you) give it to us directly. Once we have that information, it’s stored in our accounts which are protected behind long and tiresome passwords and we absolutely don’t give them out to anyone. We don’t sell your information to advertisers, and we certainly don’t go around shouting your emails and names in public. We use this information to reach out to you about our services, special offers, sales, and more. Once we have your information, we transfer it over to Mailchimp’s servers and delete it off ours. Mailchimp is a big email services company and they have a lot cooler securities systems – you can read about them here. If you ever wish to stop receiving our emails, you can just hit “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from us.

Client Information
The privacy and security of your personal and sensitive informations is of the utmost importance to us. We don’t store your information anywhere but on our servers, which are protected by lengthy passwords and extra server securities. We also don’t share your information within our organization except with those who are handling any transactions or information securities processes. It is up to you to make sure you choose a strong password when creating an account on our website to further protect your sensitive information.

Terms of Use

We work hard to make sure we provide you with the most accurate information we can about our sales, our industry, and our services. While we consider carefully every bit of information we put on our website, from industry tips and behind-the-scenes videos to images of items we’re selling at a sale and the addresses of the sales we hold, we can’t always guarantee one hundred percent accuracy in the information we present to you. While we fully intend to only present accurate information, sometimes accidents happen – and if you notice a mistake, feel free to let us know on our Feedback page.

Accuracy of Sale Photos and other Informations
We post pictures before a sale starts (usually on a weekday at 8am CST), and typically remove them within 12 hours of the sale completing (typically a Saturday at 2pm CST). As the sales progress, we try our best to remove those images of items which we are 100% confident were sold. However, the very nature of displaying and selling an extraordinary array of items almost every weekend negates the ability to manage a robust inventory system to accurately and efficiently automate accurate and real-time galleries reflective of current sale inventory availability. So, while we humans do our best to keep the image galleries up-to-date, they’re often not 100% accurate. Please don’t expect them to be, but rather to be a representation of the types of items we’re selling at each sale.

We know that sometimes people become upset when an item they saw in an image on our website is not available. We would be upset, too. However, we respectively require that your viewing of the images on our website, ads, and listings not be constituted as pure fact of inventory. You cannot sue us or file complaints of any kind if an item you saw displayed online was not available at a sale in person.

Accuracy of Other Informations
Those same terms (the ones where you can’t sue us or file a complaint for inaccurate information) also applies to the accuracy of other information on our website, including physical addresses, emails, item descriptions, sale descriptions, article information, how-to guides, and any information in general. Again, we try our hardest to provide you with accurate and true information, but we can’t be held liable for mistakes. Again, we ask respectfully that if you have an issue with this, you stop using our website.

Conclusion & Overview (Privacy & Terms)
We care about you and your privacy. We care about making every visit (online and in-person) a better visit. We don’t collect any personally identifiable information about you unless you give it to us, and you can always remove yourself from our database by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from us. If something is inaccurate on our website, you can’t sue us or file formal complaints. If you have any issues with the terms or the way we handle your privacy, we respectfully ask you not use our website, as your continued use of our site means you agree to all our terms and conditions.

Referral Program Guidelines

We want to reward anyone who connects us with a person who contracts us to hold an estate sale which meets the minimum guidelines as outlined on this page. Please note: we will not uphold any other guidelines, definitions, or promises of referral program awards whether written on any page, described in person, or advertised anywhere else. We do not advertise this referral program anywhere but on this website and at our estate sales, or in our official emails. They will all be linked back to this page in those events.

Requirements for Referral Payout
You must enter all information, correct and true to the best of your knowledge, on this page, before we meet with any intended referrals for a free consultation. Failure to provide us with correct or accurate information (i.e., email address, phone number, actual legal name), or failure to provide us with your form submission before the related free consultation, does not make us negligent for not awarding you for your participation and shall be construed as your forfeiture of credit awards.

The person who signs a contract with us must give us your Legal First and Last name during their initial free consultation when a representative of Green Frog Estate Sales meets with them to determine fitness of our company holding their sale. Should a prospective client not share your name with us at the time of our initial free consultation, or within 1 hour of a representative of GFES leaving the property following the conclusion of the initial free consultation, you will not qualify for a Referral Program Payout. There will be no exceptions to this rule, so please inform the persons to whom you are referring us to be sure to share your name with us at our initial 30-minute free consultation.

Minimum Requirements of Qualifying Estate Sales
An estate sale must generate at least $12,000 USD to qualify for Referral Program Payout. If a sale you refer us to does not meet this minimum, you will still be awarded a $25 USD shopping credit valid for one (1) year following the tenth day after the last day of the estate sale in question. Under no circumstances shall Green Frog Estate Sales be required to show you a receipt of any form from any estate sales we hold, including but not limited to transaction history, deposit statements, bank statements, or any form of financial documents. You may reach out to the individual you referred to us for proof of minimum requirements not being met.

Payout Period
If all minimum requirements and guidelines are met, you will be awarded a $100 USD shopping credit valid for (1) year following the tenth day after the last day of the estate sale in question, redeemable only on Full Price days. Under no circumstances shall Green Frog Estate Sales be required to show you a receipt of any form from any estate sales we hold, including but not limited to transaction history, deposit statements, bank statements, or any form of financial documents.

Your respective credit, if applicable, will be applied to your Customer Profile in our POS. Credits are only redeemable at a sale in-person and only on full-price sale days. Each time you’d like to apply any portion of your shopping credit to a purchase, you must audibly provide your First and Last legal name to the Register Attendants to look-up your account details.

Prospective Referral Communications
We require you to provide us with the Referral’s Contact Information so we can match their information with yours to provide you a shopping credit. We will not initialize contact with the persons listed in your Referral Submission; they must reach out to us on their own.

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