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Our Process

1. Let’s Meet
Let’s build a relationship. We can tour your house and make note of everything which won’t be part of the sale.

2. Establish a Timeline
We’ll nail down when you need the sale so we know exactly by what dates we need to be in and out.

3. Sign the Contract
Transparency is important, so we’ll sit down with you and go over every part of the contract so we start off on the same foot.

4. Setting up the Sale
We’ll bring in our trailer with equipment to organize, clean, and stage the entire house to Showroom quality. We’ll take pictures of items to start advertising immediately. We do our due diligence and price everything appropriately, but to sell. If we don’t sell it, we don’t keep it; we donate it.

5. Advertising
We run ads on Google, Facebook, Craigslist,, our website, and market directly to our customers via email. We’ll place yard signs around the neighborhood so customers can easily find us. And don’t worry, your address won’t be publicly available until 24 hours before the sale, both for your privacy and our safety.

6. The Sale!
Our experienced staff is ready to greet customers, wrap breakables, bag purchases, and help customers when possible. Every day we triple-check the lights are off, doors are locked, and we never allow our employees to stay in your house alone. Convenience for customers is key, so we accept cash and all major credit cards, too!

7. Post-Sale Cleaning
Any items which didn’t sell get packed up and put into the garage. Then we’ll vacuum and sweep the floors andwipe down surfaces. We guarantee we’ll leave the home cleaner than we found it.

8. Donate
We meet the City Union Mission donations truck the Monday following the sale (except holidays, which pushes to Tuesdays) to donate any remaining items.