What is an Estate Sale?

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What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale generally takes place when someone is downsizing, moving or handling somebody else’s estate and needs to sell the personal property. An Estate Sale Company is hired to come into the home to organize, clean and display the valued goods. The sale will last 2-3 days, depending on the volume of items sellable. Once the sale is completed, the remaining items are gathered and donated to a local charity, so you are ready to complete the sale of the house. Below is how Green Frog Estate Sales works.

01. Let’s Chat

We will discuss your time frame, the types of items you're selling, how much you're selling & when the house will be vacant. If our minimum requirements are met, we will schedule an in-home consultation. Read: Do I have enough for an estate sale?
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02. Free Consultation

Every sale is unique and we won't know for sure if we're a perfect fit until we meet in person. During our free consultation, we will answer questions, walk through your house & be sure we're a match. If we are, we will discuss scheduling & time to complete our contract. If not, we are able to provide some alternate suggestions.

03. Preparing for Your Sale

You may need to do a little clean-up before we arrive to start your estate sale. Here are a few highlights from our full article (read here) which outlines everything we ask of our clients to do before we arrive.

  • Remove any box TV’s
  • Old desktop computer towers
  • Stained mattresses (this is a must)
  • Non-working appliances (refrigerators in basements)
  • Actual trash (filled garbage bags, empty boxes, etc.)
  • Personally identifiable paperwork, photos, and bills

See a full list of steps to prepare for your sale.

Read: Preparing for my Green Frog Estate Sale

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04. “Prep Team” Arrives

The size and amount of labor necessary to prep each sale determines how much time our teams will need to get your home ready for a Green Frog Estate Sale. We’ll discover every sellable item in the house while cleaning out drawers, nooks and crannies. Once the house is clean enough, we’ll start organizing displays, researching current market trends to price appropriately, and setting up technology.

Anything personal we find (including bills and recent family photographs) will be set aside for you to collect after the sale. Plenty of lighting, a clean house, and our unmatched experience assures you’ll have the most beautiful sale when the time comes.

05. Marketing

Our customers love us, but we estimate around 30% of our customers are first-timers, meaning they’ve never been to an estate sale before. This is great news for two reasons:

  1. Our marketing is continuously driving new traffic to our sales, introducing new people to the estate sale industry.
  2. You don’t have to rely on only our best customers visiting your sale to make revenue.
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06. The Estate Sale

Customer-service driven and highly recommended on Google, our estate sales have helped countless families downsize and thousands of shoppers score awesome deals. They’ve also earned us the title of #1 Estate Sale Company in Johnson County on Google. We don’t plan on lowering our standards anytime soon.

So what can you expect at Green Frog Estate Sales?

  1. Integrated tech (targeted advertising, electronic receipts)
  2. Secure payment processing (up to 3 registers running simultaneously)
  3. A comfortable, clean atmosphere (music, friendly staff, boutique shopping experience)
  4. Great customer service (bagging items, assistive personnel, one-on-one relationships)
  5. Branded presentation: from the welcome sign to the website.

See it for yourself

07. Clean-Up & Cash Out

Your check and a tax deductible donation receipt will be mailed to you within 10 business days after the close of your sale. We’ll also clean up the house so it’s real-estate ready*, including:

  • Donating unsold items
  • Removing trash
  • Sweeping and vacuuming floors
  • Wiping surfaces
  • The dumpster is picked up

We’ll be out of your home by noon the first business day following the sale.

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Curious what a finished sale looks like?

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Have Some Questions?

Great question! There are a few things we ask of our clients to prepare for our arrival. This article from our blog sums it up pretty well. If you are curious about our sale, come see us in person at an upcoming sale.

We honestly can’t wait to chat with you about the opportunity of holding your estate sale. We are in the business of helping people. However, because we consistently see a high call volume from people looking to hire us, we’re trying to help everyone as fast as possible, including referring you to other companies if we’re not the right fit. We promise to respond to everyone who fills out our Submit Your Home form.

This form is our way of:

  • identifying the people we are confident we can immediately help and guiding them through or process thoroughly
  • personally referring people we know we can’t help to those who can

We can’t always respond to calls during our business hours (9am – 2pm) because we’re on-site working to prepare a sale, or running one. However, we do respond to submissions in the evening time. Being able to review these online submissions before contacting you allows us to get some basic information about your unique situation a lot faster and determine how we can help you.

Great question! It really depends on how much stuff you have in your home. We’ve spent anywhere from just a week to a couple months in some homes. The more time we need to prep and price items, the longer it takes, but a good generalization would be around 1 – 2 weeks.

When we plan two weeks of time we can guarantee that we’ll have enough time to search through everything, make sure all items are priced correctly, and ensure our sale presentation is up to our highest standards.

You can view our page dedicated to the nitty, gritty details by clicking here.

They are great people, Do what they say. It was a great experience having their team do our sale. I have sold real estate over 40 years and I happily recommend them after my experience to anyone considering down sizing or liquidating. Keep on hopping GREEN FROG.

Art Kice ( July 2018 )

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