Our company was founded on and is employed by people who share our core values of inclusivity, compassion, and hard work.


None of our clients have ever had to pay out-of-pocket for any expenses. It'll be smooth sailing from start to finish - just good service and honest accounting.

We love our clients.

The sale far exceeded our expectations. We downsized. They turned the house into a series of boutiques; tools, holiday, kitchen, etc. It looked great and sold well. After the sale they cleaned everything up sent a dumpster of stuff not worth donating and took the serviceable remains to City Union Mission. The house was ready for the new owners with minimal extra effort from us. These are great people to work with who you will want to organize your sale.

Barry Estell

Thank you Green Frog! Kim, Jason and the team were fabulous. They came in fast and went straight to work. I was so amazed at the staging and prep they did for the sale, very impressive. They were fun to work with and also were very respectful of our feelings. They were able to accommodate some special requests. Clean up was very well done. I would highly recommend them.

Molly Hunt 

We highly recommend this company for your estate sale. Kim and Jason take care of the family, belongings, advertising…they are the real deal! We had 60 yrs accumulation of items for them to sort through and organize. Our sale was handled professionally by their team. They sold household goods and sold cars for us…..successfully and in record time. We can’t say enough good things about them….truly good people.

Kathleen Reeve 

Kim and Jason were just what my siblings and I needed after losing our Mom earlier this year. We spent 40 years in our family home, we grew up there, made countless memories, enjoyed the holidays and of course, lunch every Sunday at the dining room table. Needless to say, the house was packed to the gills. We had no idea where to begin and decided after a two day garage sale, this was something better left to the professionals! Kim and Jason took care of everything, they were extremely kind and caring to all of us. There is so much work involved, I don’t know how they do it. We are greatful they took our sale on. I would highly recommend Kim and Jason to anyone!

Cindy Fine 

We are


Dedicated teams for sale-prep, cleaning, sales, marketing, and administrative tasks guarantees focus and attention on every sale, every week.


We got into this business to help people, not just with our expertise in handling and turning around estates, but with helping people find peace in a time of chaos. We know you're probably searching tens of companies - chat with us for a moment and we'll show you we care.


We accept credit cards through our state-of-the-art digital check-out system. This technology allows us to send digital receipts and help customers faster than ever. We're also able to market to them electronically, which helps bring them back to your sale.


We know the small details make the biggest impact, so from our product displays to our customer surveys, we stay organized.


We have $1 Million liability insurance.

We know our industry.

Did you know the estate sales industry is completely unregulated by the government?

And now more shoppers than ever are turning to estate sales to find their next purchases. You don’t have to inheret an estate to sell one – whether you’re downsizing or moving, there are more companies than ever before to handle your liquidation.

Unfortunately, that means it’s easy to find a company that doesn’t have you best interest at heart, either. That makes for a lot of phone calls from companies promising to deliver results, and not always a lot of happy experiences. We commit to every one of our clients, and so does our experienced staff.

We love our community.

We’re proud to commit to bettering our community every week, and you can too. 100% of what doesn’t sell at each sale is donated to these select local charities. You’ll get a tax-deductible donation receipt along with your final statement.

And we love marketing.

We’re not relying on one of those “listing” websites to bring in every customer. We’re constantly innovating new marketing tactics and are always aiming to reach new customers with local creative firms and international design experts.

Meet the family. 

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“They are honest, friendly, and the bottom line is that they sell your things for a fair price and they will pay you quickly. They leave your home clean and empty. I came back to a clean and empty house, and had a check within a week. I will sing their praises as often as possible. I am thankful to have met them.”


January 2018

Looking for answers?

How long does an estate sale take?

Great question! It really depends on how much stuff you have in your home. We’ve spent anywhere from just a week to a couple months in some homes. The more time we need to prep and price items, the longer it takes, but a good generalization would be around 2 weeks.

When we plan two weeks of time we can guarantee that we’ll have enough time to search through everything, make sure all items are priced correctly, and ensure our sale presentation is up to our highest standards.

What should I look for when hiring an estate sale company?

Every company runs their sales differently – we suggest you check out the sales of any company on your shortlist to get a feel for how they run their business. We think a great way to know if you’re comfortable with hiring them is to ask yourself if they’re the company you want representing you and your family.

We’ve also written a pretty thorough article about all the different things to look out for when hiring an estate sale company. You can read that article here.

How do you price your items?

Our staff has a combined 70+ years of experience working estate sales – you wouldn’t imagine the kinds of items we’ve come across. We follow market trends and analyze the big data to find the “sweet spot” when pricing items, but we never fail to do our research. Everything we come across with which we’re unfamiliar (which still happens often), we consult a few in-depth resources to uncover the current marketable value.

We understand the demographics of our industry and respect our shoppers, which is why we never price items at full retail value. We’re dedicated to running a profitable business to your benefit, though we respect the nature of the secondhand market.

Do you have any strict, no-exception policies when working with clients?

We don’t like working with difficult people. We’ll treat you and your home with respect, and we hope for the same treatment from you as well. We know that tensions can get high when dealing with realtors, home-buyers, and neighbors when they find out you’re moving. We’ve had neighbors live in the houses at night when we’re working (unbeknownst to the home-owners), and this is a strict safety hazard for our employees.

We’ll go over our strict no-tolerance policy for interference before we sign a contract – but don’t worry. It’ll be easy to understand, and we’re always here to answer your questions. The two most important guidelines to follow is to know:

  1. Once we sign a contract, we cannot change the date of the sale.
  2. Realtors, home-buyers, and neighbors are not allowed to enter the home until after we have removed our equipment the first business day following your sale (typically on a Monday at 12pm CST).

Our schedule is typically not very flexible once contracts have been signed. We plan our sales months in advance and our employees depend on our consistency in sales to continually provide our clients with industry-leading experience and hard work. Additionally, having non-employees at the property during our prep week and around sale time is a liability for us, our employees, and our customers appreciate when they can have confidence that items we advertise as available for sale are always available for sale.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to hire an estate sale, you may appreciate this article from GimmeMoo.

What do you do with the items left over that don’t sell at the state sale?

It’s all donated to a series of local charities. We don’t allow clients to rummage through the leftovers following the sale for two reasons:

  1. We allow you to leave a list with us of items to save for you in the case they don’t sell
  2. These charities depend on consistent donations to run smoothly, so extra grabs don’t benefit us being able to continue doing good business with further clients in the future.

We pride ourselves on pricing fairly for every single client at every sale because we don’t resell those items in a storefront or online somewhere else. If you’re not comfortable with selling your items or having them donated should they not sell, you may want to consider another company or hiring a liquidator instead of an estate sale company.

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