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Q: What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are faith-based and known for our friendliness and enthusiasm. Our customers, or “Frog Lovers” as we like to call them, love to shop with us and our clients love working with us! We go the extra mile to make sure every single sale exceeds your expectations, from cleaning and organized to fair prices and no hidden costs. We’ve amassed a crazy following by building trust with our Frog Lovers – they know they’re attending a top-notch sale, which ultimately translates to higher revenue for you.

Do I need to do anything before you start my sale?

The only thing you need to do is remove anything that won’t be part of the sale. If you can’t get things moved out quickly, we’re happy to designate a room or closet as “private” and store personal or family-reserved items there. We’ll take care of everything else!

We don’t want you to throw anything away which might be sellable, because you’d be surprised at what we can sell! “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is never more evident than at an estate sale. However, we can’t be responsible for throwing away things like newspapers, magazines, old paperwork and empty boxes (what we consider unsellable) before we begin. However, things like spices, half containers of laundry soap, clothing, cans of paint and oil, matchbooks, office supplies, and other household items can add a surprising amount of value to your sale. We’ve sold bags of rocks, bricks, and old peat moss.

We cannot stress enough how much value small items like this, that, and this will bring to your sale.

How will you advertise my sale?

In a lot of ways! Our EstateSales.Net page receives around 5,000 weekly views, and we’ve got the highest number of 5-Star reviews on Google, but we run ads every week just to be safe. We also cross-post on Craigslist, Facebook, and send out emails directly to our Frog Lovers! We’ll also put up as many directional yard signs as legally allowed directing people to your house during the sale, and put a big green banner in your front yard so people won’t miss it!

How do you price your sales?

With over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our pricing. First and foremost, we never inflate pricing. Our philosophy is to price based on true market value, so we do a lot of research to guarantee you are receiving the most for every single belonging. Our goal is to sell as much as we can for you on the first day. With most sales being a three day event, we sell everything at full price on the first day, 25% on day two, and 50% on the Sunday.

Where do the leftover items go?

We believe in giving back to the community, which is way every single item left over from a sale goes straight to City Union Mission as a tax-deductible donation. We’ll provide you with the receipt upon close of sale.

I can’t be there for the sale, is that okay?

Absolutely! People send us keys from out-of-state all the time. It’s helpful if a relative or someone local can show us around the house the first time so we can get familiar with the house setup (lights, thermostat, etc.), but it’s not uncommon for us to run a sale for someone we never interact with beyond a phone call!

If this is you, and there are things your family is keeping, someone will need to handle those items before we can start a sale, but there is no need for anyone to accompany us during any other part of the sale process. We will sort out and set aside all personal paperwork, photographs, and desired belongings for the family to take care of after the sale.

We are also happy to work directly with your estate lawyer or realtor!

How much lead time do you need to do a sale?

7 days is the minimum amount of time we need to assure everything from the home to pricing and customer notification can meet our Green Frog standards. For larger sales with more items/space to organize, we may require more time to properly prepare your home for a public estate sale. Our schedule varies throughout the year, but all of our sales get our 100% personal attention.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured for business liability. However, you are also expected to have active Homeowner’s Insurance on the premises during the sale period. You should make sure that anyone you interview can produce their insurance certificate.

I’m a little worried about my floors and carpeting; can you protect them?

We roll out mats or cover carpets with plastic when necessary. We also make sure to leave the property cleaner than we found it.

Do you sell cars, boats, and other uncommon items?

All the time! These types of items, including sheds and large collectible items, do really well at estate sales. You do need to make sure that the appropriate title work is done (if applicable) and ensure there is a signed bill of sale before the sale starts so we can offer a clear title to the buyer. This is important as we are acting as your agent for a private sale.

Does it bother you if we interview a few more companies?

Never. We’d rather you interviewed every single company in the area and then choose us knowing that we are absolutely the perfect fit for you! Be sure to ask the other companies the questions we’ve listed above. We also encourage you to visit one of our sales so you can see how we do things in person.

We recommend you visit all of the companies you are considering hiring to see how they represent you and your family.