Are You (Actually) Ready to Hire an ‘Estate’ Sale Company to Sell Your Stuff?

Liquidating your stuff can easily be an emotionally-taxing experience. ‘Estate’ sales aren’t just for clearing out the mega mansions anymore. There are various sizes of companies eager to sell your stuff and write you a check. But their jobs consist of more than just showing up, slapping price tags on your items and writing you […]

Does Your Estate Sale Company Measure Up?

There are plenty of reasons to feel nervous about hiring someone to literally rummage through your things and decide what’s sellable and what’s trash. And I hate to say it, but the estate sale industry is wildly unregulated in America. In one afternoon of “estate sale hopping,” you can leave one nice sale with some […]

Downsizing Realities: Do You Have Enough for a Successful Estate Sale? (A must read before calling any estate sale company)

Not sure exactly what an estate sale is? Check out this handy, detailed article about what an estate sale company does. So you know you need to hire someone to come in and clean your home, price and sell your items, and then clean it up before you sell it. Good for you! Knowing you […]

Before you Hire that Estate Sale Company, Follow This Checklist – Steps to Reassurance.

This article has been verified for accuracy as of January 1, 2019. In an industry that’s wildly unregulated in the United States in 2018, it pays to double check a company’s references and practices before signing any contracts. From Google Reviews and sturdy references to pro tips on making sure they’ll do what they’re promising […]

What Does (or Should) an Estate Sale Company Do for You in 2019?

When someone is downsizing, moving cross country, or handling an estate and needs to sell their items for the most value as quickly as possible, they can hire an estate sale company to price and manage a sale out of their home to the financial benefit of both parties. Commission rates vary by company, depending […]

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