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A few years ago, Kim and I (Jason) were both working in “Corporate America” and realized we didn’t feel it was fitting our lives. We quit our jobs together and started a cabinet refinishing business. Even though Kim has a degree in education and I have a degree in psychology, we really discovered our joint passion and appreciation for antiques and restoring beauty in others’ homes. A few years into the business we received a call from Lance, the owner of our favorite estate sale company, “Ethel’s Love Estate Sales”. We’d come to know each other pretty well through our shared appreciation of antiques. He asked if we might be interested in starting our own estate sale company. We put some serious thought into it and realized it might be a great opportunity to fully realize our passions.

Delivering retail-style product presentation and top-notch customer service at fair prices.

Lance took time out of his busy schedule to show us the ropes of estate sales and we were impressed with his business principles. He showed us the importance in having fair pricing, clean and organized sales, and how to take care of the families we work with. We want to create a relationship with our clients and care for them and their homes as if they were our own.

We’re so thankful to have discovered in our lifetimes something which brings us so much joy. It’s a bonus to do it for a living while working with such a wonderful family of estate sale-lovers (our team) accompanying us at every sale. Our repeat customers tell us how they can’t wait for the next sales so they can get their “Green Frog” hug on! We love what we do and we love our customers. If you’re looking for an estate sale company, we’d love to talk to you today.

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